Attack Roadmap of APT-type Malware

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Attack Roadmap of APT-type Malware

If the APT-attack is developed in this way, the overall espionage function ∀ (E) can be represented as function of:
∀ (E) = ƒ [I0 ⇒ P1] + ƒ [(I0 + I1) ⇒ P1] + ƒ [(I0 + I1+ I2) ⇒ P2] + … + ƒ [(I0 + I1+ I+ …It) ⇒ Pt-1]
Where, E is the espionage function, ƒ [*] represents the key function of payload (P1) and [I0 ⇒ P1] represents the payload selected for download after collected information (I0) has been studied or a particular event happens. The t represents the time the APT-type malware is detected and removed from the victim’s system.

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